20 Aug 2019

Session Timings and Topics

Data Review: Mr. Imran Baxamoosa, CEO, BlueEX

Expert Opinion #1: How Food Panda changed the dynamics of Food Delivery? Speaker:
Mr. Nauman Sikandar Mirza, CEO of Food Panda

Expert Opinion #2: How Bykea used the Urdu language to tap into the customers psyche
and grow. Speaker Mr. Muneeb Maayr, Founder, Bykea

Panel Discussion on LOGISTICS

Moderator: Ms. Saira Awan, Director, TCS
Mr. Sair Ali (EatMubarak) Mr. Salman Allana (Rider/TPL)
Mr. Adnan Shahid (TPL Maps) Mr. Faizan Siddiqi (TCS)


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